Gingham Trousers And Orange Shoes

1+1+1= perfect outfit

Have you ever felt the urge of wanting to wear all your new purchases in one look? I guess that's what happened to me here. New shoes, new trousers, and a new awesome t-shirt. They worked much better put together than apart, waiting for a different occasion to be worn. And don't let me start on about this jacket. That for the past month I feel like I've worn it every single day. I mean, if it's a perfect piece why waste it hanging in your closet right? 

The day I wore these look, I was asked the reason why I was wearing pajama pants. Really? Do they really look like pajama to you? These gingham trousers are just the perfect thing to start building my Spring closet. Plus they have ruffles and hit every check box there is and are a statement piece for sure. Remember when I said that my wardrobe was not only made of basics? Well, here you go. And also some color, with my perfect orange shoes. Not really made to walk around inclined streets like this one in Lisbon. Now let's talk about unicorns. Could there be more wisdom written in a t-shirt? 

T-shirt (similar here and here)



  • I hear you! haha I did this last week after I went shopping for some new season updates. I could not wait to wear everything so I wore it all together, then cycled through them separately later on. hehe, can’t help ourselves can we?!
    xx Jenelle

  • Jecky Lebid

    What a coincidence! My last blog outfit were also gingham pants and a logo T 🙂

    XX from Germany

    • Yes!! I would say great minds think alike. Plus I think is a super versatile way to uplift any ootd 😉