Layering That Black Dress For Spring


Attempting to elevate a Spring (ish) wardrobe has been a challenge around here. What's wrong with some sun and clothes that don't look like we're going into a winter wonderland Mr. Weather Man? I really have been trying to clean my wardrobe and changing a few items, but every time I try to do so, either it starts to rain or temperatures drop. So once again, back to being all covered up. What a delight! And I'm actually in "awe" with myself since these weather changes usually make me sick. Maybe it's all those green smoothies I've been drinking.

Therefore, no total spring-ready look on the menu for you yet. Meanwhile, layering continues. This time with something that usually I don't go for. Dresses. Especially during transitional times or winter-like days. Although it looks sunny I must be honest with you, I was freezing. But I wanted to show you something different. Women and their suffering ways in the hopes to look good!

So, black dress it is. I got this last year around summer time and this was one of those pieces I took out of the box into my closet, hoping to start wearing it more than once. Layering it with a white shirt underneath it and this light blue leather jacket took it to another level if you ask me. Plus the scalloped detail gives it that something extra. I also love its back since it has sort of a deep V. But it only makes it justice if worn without anything under it. Waiting for summer like crazy! Most of all, I simply love how versatile this black dress can be.

Black dress (similar here and here)

White shirt (here and here)

Blue leather jacket (similar here and here)

Bag (similar here)

Sneakers (old)


Photos by Esmee 

  • I am awaiting summer as well… the weather has been so bi-polar! Love how you layered your dress dear, that jacket is so lovely!


    • Thank you Erica, hopefully I’ll wear it more this year, and since I’ve been on a blueish mood, why not 🙂 Yes put bi-polar on that! Hope it changes soon!


  • Kim

    I love the scallop details on your dress! We’ve had pretty wacky weather where I live too! It’s sunny one day then rainy for the entire week 😛

    Kim | Simply Lovebirds

    • Thank you Kim 🙂 Until settling into full Summer mode, weather can really be crazy. But I’m guessing the waiting is not that long anymore. I see sunny days ahead!

      xx Tatiana

  • Love this creative outfit! Stunning!

  • I never thought to layer a white button up underneath a black dress, but I love it!!

    Genevieve |

    • Yes, I wouldn’t say that would be my first option as well, but sometimes you just need to take a risk and mix things up a bit 🙂


  • Joy

    you look great, love this cute bag

    • Thank you so much Joy 🙂 it’s one of my favourites!


  • Can’t go wrong with a LBD! Love the jacket as well 🙂


  • LBDs are essential! Love the look dear 🙂