A Striped Linen Skirt For Easter

And again... Portugal!

If you have been following me on Instagram you know already that my Easter weekend was full of Summer weather feels, palm trees and lighter clothes. I must say that living Amsterdam behind with gray skies and knowing that I was arriving in Portugal with 27°C was something that I was thrilled about. Let's say the going-back-home part wasn't that thrilling. Amsterdam making its weather jokes and all. 6°C, really? 

And remember my local market's basket? Well, After speaking so much about it I couldn't go back home and not wear it - with everything - during the weekend.


Striped linen skirt

Top (similar here)

Leather jacket (similar here)

Basket (similar here)

Shoes (similar here)

Blue stripes...

But anyway, getting back to this striped linen skirt. I had been looking around for those Spring/Summer pieces online and bumped into this one. Love at first sight, like so many other pieces I'm drawn into. The downside, I had only found it few days before living for our Easter weekend, so if I wanted to wear it I would have to bee lucky enough to find it around Lisbon. You can tell that it was waiting for me in the store. Everything going well until, while meeting some friends for drinks, some glasses of sangria were spilled onto me and into the bag where the skirt was. Drama!!! Instant thought, and in case you haven't heard about this trick, as soon as you spill some red wine try to remove it with white wine. Works every time. But in this case, I wasn't going to order a full white wine bottle just to salvage my skirt. Lucky for me, getting back to our hotel my problem could be solved. By the way, the hotel was amazing! Super modern and comfortable, although breakfast could be a bit better. You know me, food lover! But anyway, red wine problem solved and new striped linen skirt in my bag. 

Another thing about me, nothing can be too girly or perfect. So just to give this look that hump I mixed it up with this black jacket that you already know so well.

  • Kim

    Stripes are a perfect look for Easter! Hope you enjoyed it in Portugal!

    Kim | Simply Lovebirds

    • I did 🙂 And now I’m counting the days to go back again! Wedding and Summer season are starting and I’m up for some good days in the sun! <3

      xx Tatiana