What You Won’t Let Pass By You This Season

Summer bags... Oh, how I've missed you!

Ok, so Spring is here and we're already thinking of Summer. Who are we to blame. We're eager to catch some sun and start wearing lighter clothes and enjoy those long summer days that are endless when it comes to relaxation and good vibes.
Until then, amongst other things, we rely on little details and new season's trends to uplift our boring and dark outfits. And what better way to do it than with some new accessories? From earrings to bags, there's a lot to chose from. But let's be honest, a new bag not only makes us happier, it also does the trick when it comes to reviving our style. So the topic is as easy as eating an ice cream.

Start by looking at all the flavors and then pick one, two or even tree. And there you have it! The same is applied to this year Spring/Summer bags. Options are endless. From the raffia bag to the jute and to the wooden detailed one you'll want to have every possible version out there. I won't blame you, I feel the same. And although our go-to stores have endless options, remember that even on a local market you can find one that it will suit you. I just remembered one I got last year, from the local farmers market in Lagos. It made everything look more summer-like. Whatever option you decide on, remember that you want it to be versatile.

  • These kind of bags are my favorite! Especially for traveling 🙂 Makes me so excited for Summertime xx


    • Yes definitely! Couldn’t agree more with how summer-like it feels when combining these type of bags with lighter clothes <3

  • Love the wide one and the circle ones!! I’ve already bought 5 straw bags for summer… I can’t wait. :):)


    • I was a bit late on the “buying” part though 🙁 . So, I’ve been seeing and loving all round ones but they are all sold out. Thankfully today I found a great small one, perfect to carry all your essential things in it, and cant wait to try it out in a couple of days 🙂